2022 School of Biological Sciences all-round Postgraduate achievement award (University of Adelaide)

2022 University of Adelaide STEM award winner in the 7NEWS South Australia Young Achiever awards

2021 Selected as a Next Generation Scientist to present at the 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting

2020 KP Barley Prize for outstanding postgraduate work in natural sciences (University of Adelaide)

2020 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting delegate

2019 Best graduate oral presentation CERF (Coastal Estuarine Research Federation)

2019 Recipient of Max Day Environmental Science Award 

2019 Awarded research portal access grant to ANSTO capabilities and facilities

2018 Named participant in receipt of Herman Slade Foundation Grant 

2018 Recipient of Biology Society of South Australia Field Research Grant 

2017 Recipient of Hansjorg Eichler scientific research grant 

2015 New Columbo Plan Scholarship to attend international study tour in South East Asia:  Water, Tropical ecology and Animal trafficking.

2015 Summer scholarship awarded by University of Adelaide Faculty of Sciences working on developing a new method to monitor seagrass habitats along the South Australian coast.