South Australia, where have I gone since escaping quarantine? Pt.1

Emerging from quarantine with the news the population of my home state South Australia was under strict social distancing and isolation restrictions, what else is there to do but explore local National Parks. I decided to do this blog in 2 parts, so enjoy part 1 of my favourite hiking and walking trails in Adelaide!

How does a PhD student remain sane in a 14 day Quarantine?

This blog I discuss how to navigate a 14-day quarantine as a PhD student. The Corona virus outbreak has well and truly spread throughout the globe, part of preventing the spread is to stop returning international travellers from interacting with the public whether they are sick or not, as they could still be contagious. Feeling like a giant walking bacterium, I separated myself from the public and made good friends with Ubereats service. Trapped in my home with no external reprieve, I attempted to hunker down and focus on my PhD thesis, feeling paranoid about a potential infection that could have transferred to me during my travel. Away from the University and my field of work I attempt to not procrastinate too much, nor go completely insane…

What is it like to travel halfway around the world during a global pandemic?

While happily enjoying my Mexican holiday it appears the number of new people infected with coronavirus had jumped significantly. WHO had declared a worldwide pandemic, a virus that originated in Wuhan, China had now spread worldwide and there was currently no vaccine. This brought my trip to an abrupt end with the news that Australia was beginning to restrict travel between destinations, time to get home!

Do I have to leave Tulum?

On the Yucatan peninsula in Quintana roo state is a city called Tulum. This spiritual oasis is relaxation heaven. One of the main attractions here is the preserved ancient mayan ruins of Tulum, set to the backdrop of beautiful beaches and the sea, these ruins are a tourist hotspot but are so worth a visit. See the photos and read the blog to hear all about my adventure to Tulum.