South Australia, where have I gone since escaping quarantine? Pt 2

Continuing with my favourite walks and hikes to do in Adelaide while the coronavirus situation keeps us confined to our local areas I have a fair few more to share with you

Up into the hills of Adelaide you will find yourself at waterfall gullywhich is a very popular and extremely beautiful hike, this is another great one for winter when the waterfalls are running, and the vegetation is green. While this is a rather steep hike, the views are worth it. There are also several different hikes to take depending on your level of difficulty. I have to say I have done this a few times and every single time I have gotten lost and have had to check the map, not to worry though, its easy to work out where you need to go and when in doubt follow someone else, this strategy hasn’t let me down yet. 

Venturing closer to home, I decided to go for a run along the Torrens river which runs right through the heart of Adelaide’s city. One of my favourite things about Adelaide is that you can be right in the city but feel like you are km’s away in the bush. Parklands surround the city and following this track took me past beautiful scenery and I even found some mushrooms. Once again I did get slightly lost and once again I found my way by looking at signs and following other people. I did end up in a golf course at one point… which was actually really lovely and thankfully I didn’t get hit with a wayward ball.

I also took a trip to Hornsnell gully, I had this little gem on my bucket list for years. This beautiful hike is definitely more hike than walk, I climbed rocks and trudged through the bush. Only do this trek if you are prepared to get sweaty and dirty, its hard work but so worth it, the view at the top is stunning and on a clear day you can see the whole of Adelaide, I plan to try this one again but take a backpack next time and make a day of it.

My absolute favourite hike yet has been to Kuitpo forest, one word, mushrooommss. Okay, so Im going to go out on a limb and say not many people get excited by mushrooms but I do, and im not talking about the hallucinogenic kind, I generally have a fascination for all things fungi. Nerdy I know. So this place is a pine forest plantation and is best to visit right after it has rained where there is an abundance of life. We found saffron milk caps for which the scientific name is Lactarius deliciosus, which I found rather amusing and is apparently true. We also got some slippery jacks and saw a few fly agaric’s which are the bright red ones which are also quite poisonous so definitely observed them from afar. 

Die to the covid-19 situation people are spending more time at home and less time in nature, and I think the wildlife is starting to miss us. I say this because I sat down for lunch by the river and two ducks locked eye contact with me from across the river, swam towards me, jumped up on the bank and waddled right over and stuck their head in my lunch. Thank goodness I had finished eating, not keen to start another corona virus incident from being too close with a wild animal. These ducks were so cute though and brightened up my day 

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