Why am I doing ocean research in the first place?

I have been slack on writing blog posts lately. This is mainly because I have been working hard on my PhD, so hard I feel I have lost passion for my work and have found myself wondering why I am doing ocean research in the first place. I decided to slow down and write about what inspired me to dedicate my career to saving our precious ocean environment, spoiler alert! this post is all about seagrass!.

How can you save the ocean from the comfort of your home?

The vast body of water that covers 71% of the Earth’s surface is the ocean. This is also arguable the most vital environment to our life on Earth. From the shallows to the deep sea, as humans we are responsible for protecting our oceans. For this blog I am going to chat about some of the ways you can save the ocean from your home, by sharing a few my favourite ocean friendly products.