How can you save the ocean from the comfort of your home?

One word, plastics! As a society we consume and use so much plastic, and while it definitely has a place in our society as a valuable material, our over use is destroying the ocean. Plastic was even found at the bottom of the Mariana Trench! There’s not a corner of the ocean untouched by humans. Most of you will know the negative effects of plastics; turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and eat them, whales have been found with tonnes and tonnes of plastic in their belly and sea birds have had their stomachs so full of plastic they die of malnutrition. So one thing you can do from the comfort of your home to save the ocean is reduce plastic use!

First way I do this is invest in onya fruit and veg bags, these bags are an alternative, lightweight and washable bag that you can use to carry fruit and vegetables bought from the shop instead of the plastic bags provided. They go really well with the reusable shopping bags you already have with you- I mean who doesn’t bring their own bags anymore 😉

I also really love these bees wax covers to use in the place of plastic wrap. They hold well, the different sizes mean they can be used on a variety of items and best of all they smell like honey!

In the words of Gill from Finding Nemo ‘All drains lead to the Ocean’. This means anything you put down your drain at home will find its way to the ocean. So the other way you can save the ocean from your house is to think carefully about what you put down your drain. The less chemicals we pour down our drains, the less that will reach our oceans.

I like to use chemical free, environmentally friendly products for showering and washing dishes. The above are some great examples of what I use at home, including bi-carb soda which is a great alternative for cleaning. When bicarb soda is mixed with vinegar it is the most environmentally friendly way to clean drains. There are so many home cleaning products and tools that you can use, which help you do your part in saving our oceans. I really like flora and fauna for purchasing these kinds of products, this is a fantastic online site, hosting a variety of products that are a good alternative to heavy plastic or chemical everyday items.

My all time favourite, however, is 4ocean products! These guys remove a pound of trash from the ocean for every bracelet purchased. I got mine! along with my travel, plastic free straw that I take everywhere. It is definitely possible to save the ocean from the comfort of your home, just need to think carefully about what you purchase.

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