Why did I fall in love with the Australian bush?

Just 7 hours out of Adelaide you’ll find the Hiltaba Nature Reserve. Run by the Nature Foundation, this perfect piece of paradise is just stunning. I was very lucky to get to travel here and explore the arid landscape, taking in the plant and animal life and snapping some great photographs. Read more to find out about this adventure I had.

What did I learn from 4 days listening to Nobel laureates?

While I had thought I would be writing more travel blogs at this time, the coronavirus situation has put my travel plans put on hold. Instead, this past week I have been involved in an online science meeting where I was able to engage with Nobel laureates and meet other young scientists from around the globe! Read more about my incredible experience in this blog

What is a sciathon? My 48hr weekend

This weekend I participated in the first online sciathon run by the Lindau Nobel laureate meeting organisers. This was certainly a memorable experience for all the right reasons! For 48hrs I engaged with scientists from around the world to improve the dissemination of scientific knowledge. Read more to find out how this went down and how I managed to work with people while on the other side of the world!

How can you save the ocean from the comfort of your home?

The vast body of water that covers 71% of the Earth’s surface is the ocean. This is also arguable the most vital environment to our life on Earth. From the shallows to the deep sea, as humans we are responsible for protecting our oceans. For this blog I am going to chat about some of the ways you can save the ocean from your home, by sharing a few my favourite ocean friendly products.

The narrow neck of South Australia, The Coorong.

A place where I have frequented throughout much of my scientific journey is The Coorong National Park which is located in South Australia, Australia. The Coorong and Lower lakes are a wetland system that belong to the indigenous Ngarrindjeri people.This coastal lagoon is home for many migratory birds and Australian wildlife. This is a special place for me that I thought I would share a little bit about.

How does a PhD student remain sane in a 14 day Quarantine?

This blog I discuss how to navigate a 14-day quarantine as a PhD student. The Corona virus outbreak has well and truly spread throughout the globe, part of preventing the spread is to stop returning international travellers from interacting with the public whether they are sick or not, as they could still be contagious. Feeling like a giant walking bacterium, I separated myself from the public and made good friends with Ubereats service. Trapped in my home with no external reprieve, I attempted to hunker down and focus on my PhD thesis, feeling paranoid about a potential infection that could have transferred to me during my travel. Away from the University and my field of work I attempt to not procrastinate too much, nor go completely insaneā€¦

What is it like to travel halfway around the world during a global pandemic?

While happily enjoying my Mexican holiday it appears the number of new people infected with coronavirus had jumped significantly. WHO had declared a worldwide pandemic, a virus that originated in Wuhan, China had now spread worldwide and there was currently no vaccine. This brought my trip to an abrupt end with the news that Australia was beginning to restrict travel between destinations, time to get home!